Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is III EYE Visitor Management System?

III EYE Visitor Management System is a web/ mobile app based system which is used to track visitor details anytime-anywhere. Visitor Management Software streamlines the visitor check-in process by capturing the visitor's image, verifying their mobile number, sending instant notifications about their arrival to the host and printing them a visitor pass. Host gets an instant notification on his/her mobile whenever visitors check-in to the premises. Visitor details are stored in a secure cloud based server for lifetime.

As a Host, how will I know that somebody is looking for me?

Host gets an instant notification on their mobile via SMS with visitor's details whenever he/she checks-in to the premises.

How long is data stored in III EYE?

Information can be stored for as long as you want, for a lifetime!

Can I also access the visitor's details from other places ?

Yes! III EYE is cloud server based. So you can access visitor's details from anywhere. You just need internet connection to access it.

Who has access to my account?

You and administrators for your site can only access your information.

What happens if my visitor forgets to sign-out?

If the visitor has not signed-out through the master OTP, the administrative panel will get to know about it. They can track the person and then check them out.

How much time does it takes to Check-In?

Within a minute the visitor will be on his way to meet the host.

In case of an investigation, how much time does III EYE take to track suspected visitor's details?

With the help of III EYE features that include mobile verification and photo identity, it takes only 20 seconds to identify the issue in hand.

If the system does not work, what do I do?

For Customer service and Technical support: Please Call Us: +91-8375024214, +91-9310052855 Support is also available by email at

where can I find out more about III EYE?

You can email us at or Call us on +91-8375024214 and +91- 9310052855