III EYE-Partners

III EYE Surveillance Private Limited is a young, budding company that grows with our clients' success. We believe in providing a software that is cost-efficient and also caters to our client's business needs. We have a team of professionals, who along with high work ethics are also dedicated, ambitious and committed to the task assigned to them.

Our relationship with the clients and other business partners has always been a one built on perseverance, trust, transparency and sincerity. Our target has always been a blend of something innovative in the field of this new technological era which are cost-effective for all scales of business or organizations.

Over the years, the crime rate has only increased and with the downfall in law and order, we need to implement a full proof security and visitor management system.

Fashion Accessories is Partner with us in Visitor Management System and Fashion Accessories implemented the VMS Application in their premises.

Our sole purpose is to provide our clients with the solutions that suits their requirement. And as we said before and strongly believe, our growth is directly related to our clients' success.

IIIEYE Partner Benefits

  • Title of Content
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing support for Lead generation
  • Third Eye VMS Training Program
  • Access to new opportunities and markets
  • Support - Mobile , Email and Chat
  • Third Eye Partner
  • Third Eye Product Scope

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